#MassacreMitch Trends After Santa Clarita School Shooting: He's 'Had Background Check Bill On His Desk Since February'

TLDR: Let's be clear, a background check is required in California. Persons under the age of 21 are prohibited from possessing firearms. Everything about this incident was illegal and already prohibited under California law.

But you can go to Nevada and they are very lax on their laws. It takes longer for me to drive to Las Vegas than it does San Francisco. Without national laws, it's hard to keep things fully properly set.

EPA rules are kind of like that where CA has stricter ones. The one advantage is car manufacturers didn't want to make 2 versions of the same car.

Or like Slap laws that John Oliver talked about on his last episode. CA prohibits it, but if you sue from the right city, you can file these piece of shit lawsuits.

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