A massive explosion in Detroit happened just now

STFU retard. people wonder why 52% of people vote to burn it down (re: Brexit). "Oh, it must be because they're all racist."

Let's consider another theory. It's called the Ultimatum Game.


Check out the experimental results. As human beings, if I don't get my fair share, I'll let it burn.

If I have 5 x and someone else has 100 x, and someone offers me a decision where I can stay the same, or I can have 4 x, and the other person has 50 x, I of course sacrifice the x to destroy the other person's 50 x.

If someone has 10x, 20x, more than me, of course I want to bring them in to line with me. Now extrapolate this to billionaires, where the average person is literally worth 1/20,000th if not less.

Why would I as a rational person ever want these billionaires to exist? Period. Full stop. How is it in my interest?

It's not.

Economists have only been making claims about the UK's gross GDP. Of course the GDP is going to go down. But there is a fundamental bottom where if someone doesn't have at least X, they will rise up and try to kill you.

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