Massive, when you have over 7000 players on PC completing the raid and less than 150 between both consoles, there's a problem.

the raid is fine buddy. please for the love of god stop crying for balancing/nerfs because your personal experiences are hard.. that is a good thing having a goal to attain.

what kind of world do we live in now where 'wahh this thing is too tough, I cannot do it, therefore it must be overtuned, I demand it be lowered in difficulty' is acceptable? that would've got you laughed at 20 years ago..

I spent over 18 hours knocking this raid down since last thurs. had to bank many good husband points to earn time in the evenings. skipped my weekend lie in to fix my build etc... but guess what, we did it.

you are trying to do content that requires co ordination with complete strangers. if the content was doable by complete strangers with no great co operation.. it would be pointlessly trivial for those who ARE in clans etc..

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