Massive, your game is an absolute mess compared to the simplistic and sensical way things were done in the division 1. So many things just feel all over the place, and the way a lot of things work just don’t make sense to me.

I bought Div1 early. I hit 30, saw the endgame, noped on out. Balance issues, skill issues, none of it was fun after 30 back then.

I finally started playing Div1 consistently around patch 1.5. That means it took them about half a year to balance everything enough to make it fun without being obnoxiously grindy, and add a feeling of accomplishment without ragequitting a dozen times. I think by the time Resistance came out, the game was finally fully fleshed out as far as weapons and classes were concerned. You could set a goal of what gear you want, and how you'd go about getting it.

That only took from March 8, 2016 to December 5th, 2017, so about just shy of 2 years. Judging from that track record, I think it's gonna be a hot minute before Div2 is up to par.

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