I masterbated next to him

In a similar situation with my partner, were young and just moved in together, we both have sexual trauma and I got the hyper sexual end of the stick but until we moved in together we were having sex all the time. Then the DAY we moved in sex wasn’t happening as often, went from pretty much every day to maybe ever couple days, now to maybe once a week. I’ve been masturbating a LOT more and sometimes I accidentally wake her up when I do it and she gets pissed off. She’s put on a little weight works a shit job is overall depressed with life and hates her body, she tells me these are the reasons for no sex, but I still love her I actually plan on proposing this summer. But the no sex thing is fucking with me, maybe it’s a me thing but I crave physical touch we barely even make out anymore. Idk maybe it’s a horny guy thing or some shit didn’t mean to rant but I understand you

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