Masterpost 7: Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Kwon Hyuk Jun, Mr. Yoo, etc, Burning Sun, Tax Evasion, Police Corruption, Sexual Abuse and more

Honestly hope this news blows up internationally, showing everyone the real side of KPOP. We need international insight into the KPOP industry.

Not just this, but how idols are treated because the depression rate is just too fucking high. Every time sensitive topics like mental health come up KOREA just turns a blind eye to them. Jonghyun (R.I.P) commiting suicide, T.O.P's attempted suicide and many more. The rate in which KPOP is growing does not scale well with the old-fashioned Korean culture. Although I'm not one to talk about how to run their country, as I'm not Korean, but I'm just saying for a well-developed country, they're pretty backwards-minded. The industry just needs to change their ways immediately.

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