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I suppose it depends on your definition of genetically inferior. I take that to mean that they have an "undesirable" trait to the betterment of the species. Each trait is different, so short people may have many other genetically superior gifts -- but yes, shortness is a genetically "weak" or "inferior" trait. If we look at genetics as darwin's survival of the fittest model, this makes sense. Because for centuries before modern body acceptance movements, potential mates were chosen in a much lower part of the brain than any modern idea of "fairness" could reach - based solely on physical, animal attraction.

For men, this meant (and still does mean, because we are a product of that genetic trait selection process - i'll get back to this) finding women with bodies capable of producing and successfully bearing children (certain hip to waist ratios, etc) the most attractive.

For women, this meant (and still does mean) that larger, stronger men, which were more capable of protecting and providing for the mother and her potential offspring, are found most attractive by women.

In both of these cases, finding these "ideal family candidate" men or women the most attractive was an adaptation that aided in the survival of their genetic makeup. Those who found taller, stronger men, or women with certain hip-to-waist ratios more sexually attractive generally ended up passing on those genes to more children, who had a better chance at survival and passing those genes on further, than those who chose (or settled) for mates without those traits that allow for large, strong families, and may have had less children or less hearty children that would reach maturity and pass on their genetics.

In our modern society, these traits in men are not as necessary, but our desires are still controlled by thousands of years of natural selection, telling us to find the mate that will allow us to produce a large, strong family.

Feel free to disregard, though - it's only my opinion. I am 6'8 and married to a woman who never dated anyone under 6'4, despite being only 5'7. So I've had this "defense of her choices" conversation before.

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