Match Thread: 2nd Test - Australia v India, Day 1

I’m a 14 year old high school freshman, I started watching cricket so much that I’ve lost my love for real girls, I’m so attracted to these BIG UNITS and their good looks and personality that I wish I was in a comba where I could be with them. I’m in online highschool since the pandemic occurred and I really wanted that highschool love story with someone but I don’t have an attraction to anyone in my classes( not trying to be mean but they are all ugly) they can’t compare to RAVINDRA JADEJA, they say these are the best years of our lives and I’m just sad as shit all the time and the time is going by so fast I’ll be 15 in January and I’m afraid I’ll never find someone to hold me down or just give me a taste of that muscly arms and , I just hate the idea of getting old I just wanted to stay young all my life, I don’t want that time to come where it’s too late , I really want to find that someone and I feel if I just lose my attraction for Ravindra Jadeja that’ll mean he’s the one, to be honest I wanna die when I’m like 30-35 I don’t wanna get old I just wanna stay young forever it’s like watching a highschool anime with all these young characters and then there is just this time skip to when they’re all adults and you say to yourself where did the time go I don’t want ghat to happen to me cause I already feel the years going by, idk if it’s just me or does anyone else feel this way

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