Match Thread: Ireland vs. France

Forgot to finish this due as I had a meeting, but fuck it. My pre 6n ramblings at 8am after a bottle if whiskey should stand in history... As well as the Toulouse frofgie who stuck her tongue in my mouth v4 I could zplain I had a gf,.cos I said PSA is an idiot.... Faaackkk if my gf knows my name here I am f xked... But we won....and I bit the froggy tongue.. Allez kes vert !!!!

The frogs are everywhere, enjoying the warmest day in a while. They wrinkle their noses to the strange smell of stale hops (actually the carpet from John keoghes after paddies day), unaware its eminating from their pores as their bodies struggle to adapt to the change from vin rouge and fromage to Guinness and whatever random chipper they ate at last night.

Why are they so happy? They do not fear us, they do not hate us, they see us as their long lost cousins, allies and enemies through the ages (they take photos of the Wellington memorial made from napoleans canons at Waterloo), for they know that they are undefeated at the aviva, they know they win more than lose against us, they know that of they get it right they are the best in the world. (And I was reminded 3 times last night that diageo bought Guinness.)

However, times have changed, an average restaurant in Dublin has better plonk than the crap they serve tourists in Paris, the fromage in Ireland wins more awards than the fromage in France... The world had changed... And PSA has finally picked the same team twice..a Gatland/WRU sorta admitted they fucked up...England stood firm and strong when the pressure came on....the world has gone mad.

The Irish fans have fear, we have known knowns and the knowns we wish we knew, we are looking at a 6N team without BOD in the camp for the first time this millenium (hyperbole)... .

Its going to be a great day for all.... I expect sexy too have a massive performance and get destroyed by basterau. But the frogs don't have the finnese too finish this year.. Kockott is a bit slow and Lopez is a bit nervy.,... Ireland too win but play badly....

Allez les vert..

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