Math of combat: How significant is a +1/ +1 ehcnantment statistics-wise?

(This is mostly nitpicking)

There's a row at the bottom, technically. If you need a 21 or more to hit (and therefore only hit on a crit), then the +1 to-hit doesn't help you at all. You still only hit on a crit.

And if you need exactly 20 to hit, that 100% should have a huge asterisk next to it. The increase from a +1 can range from 100% (for a blowgun that does no extra damage on a crit) to only 37.5% (for a dagger wielder with a -1 modifier). The real value will be somewhere in between.

Obviously both those extreme examples are very silly, but in reality it falls much closer to the dagger wielder than the 100% for the blowgun. For cantrips, it's actually exactly 50% most of the time, since there's no modifier being added. For a 1d8 weapon, it's probably around 66%, since a crit does roughly 50% more damage than a non-crit. Unless you damage is almost entirely modifiers (like a SS dart thrower or hand crossbow attack), it will be pretty far from 100%.

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