Matt Damon Will Appear In Ocean's 8

Seriously I hope this ends up being a good movie, like, can't they make a fucking movie without an agenda?

Like, I am all about women power and shit, like geezus these people that think the world hates strong women apparently conveniently forgot that an entire generation grew up loving Ghost in the Shell, the most emotionally dead badass non-feminine woman cyborg that entire Tokyo(Hongkong in the Movie) fears and respects, and Aeon Flux where crazy woman doesn't give a fuck in the future and is celebrated for answering to nobody.

I don't know, was Ripley in Aliens sexualized? How about Silence of the Lambs where we're introduced to a fucking female FBI agent? Kill Bill where the bitch just kills people?

I don't know, Sarah Connor where she fears not a god damn man in the world except for future murder robots which just by sheer 50/50 coincidence happen to have Arnolds skin on it instead of Bruce Jenner or Sarah Palins skin grafted on instead? Should not even fucking matter what the experience is, could be just on-sale Halloween marks and pink tights that CyberDyne buys from the past on discount. Wasn't Erin Brocovich like a cultural phenomenon?

How about some other anime... uhhh Evangelion has Asuka who was the baddest ass pilot while the male protaganist was literally the whiniest bitch character in all entire history? How about that female from FLCL who literally can take on madness of the universe with a guitar or whatever.

And then we have Beevus and Butthead as our male role models. Ok.

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