Matt Damon Will Appear In Ocean's 8

Haha you betcha they do. I am so fed up with these false agenda's.

I grew up in a country where homosexuality and transsexuality were complete non-issues. Where I live now in Hawaii, trans are called Mahu's and actually are not uncommon and used to hold special positions in society. Not because they're Mahu's but because they were trusted to be good at certain things and were treated.

But mainland America and places with Christian majorities seem to need to fight so hard against these issues that instead of reaching some sort of enlightenment, they just seem to become bitter narrow minded people.

Like in order to be released from "This Bibles view of the world IS the WAY the WORLD WORKS!" people counter that with "The bible is NOT how the world works nor is real nor ... THIS IS HOW THE WORLD WORKS!"

Meanwhile theres an entire world that doesn't choose to assert how the world works, and just deals with whats in front of them and live all chill.

There is no chill amongst a ton of Americans. They all have opinions and have this craving need to be so correct and judge others all the time regardless of which side of the fence they are on.

So yeah, Hollywood crowbarring garbage agenda's is stupid.

I am so grateful to be in Hawaii and not on the mainland during election year.

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