Matthew Perry couldn't be any more uncomfortable right now

Anything can be learned and practiced my friend. Social skills, customer service skills, negotiating skills, comedy chops, etc. Just level up slowly. Practice in front of a mirror to add points to your Charisma and make friends and tend to all your needs like diet and rest and exercise and you'll get the promotion and get a girlfriend! You'll level up. Most of your favorite comedians sucked ass starting out, and even now occasionally they'll still have an off night and bomb a little. Want to be funnier? Watch a shitload of comedy. Want to learn how to flirt? Watch Cary Grant movies- the man is irresistibly charming. Don't watch Everybody Loves Raymond for that effect. They did an interview with Ray Romano and he said that life is like an unfunny version of Everybody Loves Raymond. In reality ELR would be a nightmare. Your intrusive nagging parents who love in a loveless and hateful marriage live across the street, your nagging wife constantly berates you in front of your kids and never has sex with you, your older brother as a cop witnesses rapes and murders on a regular basis, your friends all want to fuck your wife, your daughter is an annoying little bitch, and your son eventually grows up to commit suicide with a shotgun in front of his porch so it's all kind of fucked up I can't watch ELR without absolute horror. I see ELR as one of the sickest and darkest comedies ever made but again I have psychological issues so maybe others can enjoy it okay.

But seriously though you can live your life like a Sims game. Oddly inspiring. There's my motivation quote for the day. Live your life like a Sims game. Every week level up a little. Maybe that faux pas at work might cause you to lose a few points of Charisma for a few days, but you'll level back up in no time. We all have to learn starting from kids growing up into a teenager and then into a young adult and so on. Everyone's kind of faking it. Marlon Brando says that everyone's an actor. He says everyone lies for a lot of reasons. You lie to protect yourself. You lie to not hurt someone's feelings. You lie for karma. You lie for love. He made a half-joke (or maybe he was serious the man was a genius and he was nuts) to Connie Chung once after she asked him how he felt to be regarded as the greatest actor of all time and he says as his dog comes nearby, (I forget the dog's name,) "Rooper here is the greatest actor; he pretends he loves me just so he can get some food!" And then he slaps Rooper on the butt.

Only difference is actors can do it on screen whereas most people get really self-conscious on camera. But off-screen everyone acts pretty damn good. Especially my whore ex-wife who pretended to love me for ten years.

Check out some articles by Doc Love on Ask Men. If you read a single article and you're not convinced by this man's common sense genius, then you are hopeless. Doc's a good man and the only man who gives correct dating, relationship, and marriage advice. He said he's on a mission of God to make divorce lawyers homeless. If only I found him before my divorce I could have EASILY saved my marriage I am convinced. Great radio show too, fucking unbelievable. Every word makes such perfect sense. It's because we've been brainwashed by music and culture and movies and Everybody Loves Raymond, which teaches us that wives ought to nag their husbands and we ought to be insecure and complain and talk about our negative feelings and insecurities to show that we're sensitive wussies, instead of strong, healthy, masculine traits of character.

Be neither the wuss nor the macho boy. Because in the end, macho boy begs too. Macho boy throws a temper tantrum every time someone looks at his girl like a baby. Cary Grant would smirk it off and even jokingly encourage it. True strength is not in throwing temper tantrums and trying to get into a UFC fight at every bar; true strength is in restraint. That is confident and attractive as hell, not some little baby taking his Affliction shirt off revealing some gay tribal tattoos. I take it as a compliment when someone asks out my girl. I've got good taste (well I now I do since Doc teaches you how to find a quality woman who's a flexible giver with integrity and won't blow half of her co-workers like my whore ex-wife). I love when guys try to ask my girlfriend out (respectfully) and I tease her all time. Ray Romano in real life is so different from his character.

Here's a little primer if you're interested:

Good luck my friend! It ain't that hard, it's all common sense stuff we all innately have in us, that's just been derailed by certain beliefs and brainwashing that we've acquired throughout our youth.

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