[MATTHEW SYED] Roy Keane is right — Sir Alex Ferguson’s success shouldn’t shield him from criticism

Oh no don't get me wrong, I agree with you here and roys point about pulling the players from Preston absolutely was the wrong thing to do, and his son having a medal as Keane says very lucky to have one, Keane does make some valid points, I'm just saying I don't think united would have had the success without fergie and we could be a very different club right now, I guess I don't really agree with the timing of this I mean fergie retired 6 or so years ago and I didn't feel the need for this to be brought up now, but I don't doubt Keanes honesty and believe what he said as true, Keane tells it how it is and I respect that, just a shame they don't speak even through fergies illness was a bit of a sore point. I mean he may have regrets if he doesn't speak to fergie ever again when he's gone..I dunno I just want to see them get on so it's unfortunate. Two absolute pros of the game and masters of it just seems a waste they don't speak.

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