[Maxim Lapierre] "Need to get motivated? Before the game, look in the mirror, check the logo on your jersey... understand who already sweat and bled for this organization, understand the history and understand that millions of people want to be in your place" (FR)

Jonathan Drouin tried to whine his way into the Lightning lineup, and then he tried to whine his way out of the Syracuse lineup. He asked for a trade and, Wednesday night, did not show up for a game.

It's one thing to ask for a trade from an organization that you don't think is treating you fairly. It's quite another to take your stick and go home and hold your breath and stomp your feet until you get your way.

But you wonder what this says about a young player, too. Does he feel this much entitlement? No longer is he thought of as a future star who isn't getting his chance, but as a spoiled brat who doesn't want to put in a little sweat. A player who now has the reputation of one who would rather whine than go to work.

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