May 02, 2021 Daily Discussion & Transfers Thread

Runnarson, Ryan, Cedric, Mari,

All of them are very cheap players who were signed as back-ups.

New contracts for Luiz & Holding

Luiz is our best centre-back and Holding would have had one year left on his deal if we never renewed him. It was to preserve his value.

Begged Xhaka to stay

It's criminal that he begged our best midfielder at the time to stay during a January transfer window. He is our second best central midfielder right now and has performed well this season. Don't really see your point.

Kept ElNeny. Re-loaned Ceballos.

Once again, it's for squad depth. This isn't FM or FIFA where we can afford to overturn a whole squad in one window. It's not feasible for a club like Arsenal to clear out the hole squad in one season and replace them with quality players.

Ignores Pepe, Nelson & Martinelli.

Pepe isn't a better right-winger than Saka so he doesn't deserve more minutes. Nelson isn't as good as people think he is.

Fair enough on Willian and Martinelli but most of this nonsense.

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