May 2021 Exam Discussion/ Potential Exam Cancellation Megathread

The article linked above states that a decision on exam cancellation/exam postponement of the CICSE and CBSE exams in India will be publicly announced on Wednesday based on an appeal presented in front of the Supreme Court and Centre. Here is an interesting perspective, IF these exams get cancelled altogether so will IB examinations. Moreover, even if these exams get postponed to the month of June, Ib will cancel exams in India since it cannot reschedule global exams specific to an independent region or even set a specific paper for Indian IB candidates. The IB has turned a blind eye to us and frankly most of our Indian DP coordinators haven't been supportive and have proceeded with complete disorientation throughout not only this absolute circus of a process surrounding examinations but also the entire online approach in general. My mental health is completely non-existent and so this piece of news is the only definitive ray of rope I have come across regarding examinations. I'd still say don't bank on it because the IB has proven time and again that they lack a basic sense of sanity and certainly fail to practice what they preach. Keep studying and be patient, we'll have the last laugh hopefully.

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