May just be a .22Lr but it's my rifle nonetheless :)

To elaborate on what radialspline said, and keep in mind this is just one person'sopinionand it's a pretty unpopularopinionat that.

Because of its small stature the .22lr is often disregarded as "just" a plinking or target shooting round. Many a gun enthusiasts like to downplay the efficacy of the bullet in a self defense scenario.

Statistically, .22lr has been responsible for more gun related homicides than any other caliber. While it's not advisable to hunt anything other than small game with a .22, I know plenty of old timers that have killed deer with .22lr.

Its all about accuracy and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels better about my .22 grouping than I do my 9mm. I just have a lot more experience with the smaller round because it doesn't cost a day of wages to take it to the range. I also like being able to hear after firing it without protection.

Lastly it's cost. I don't know any enthusiast that doesn't just have a ton of the stuff stockpiled. I have better "weapons" and things I enjoy more but if shit hits the fan, the kind of situation this weapon is designed for, self defense or survival situation, I'd prefer a high capacity .22 over anything else I have.

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