I may (or may not?) have a crush on bestfriend while in a relationship

Thank you for replying :)
I'm feeling a little less crazy after putting this out there and getting some sleep. Still don't know what to do or think tho.

I've told him many times how I feel, we've had discussions and arguments on this. And he's increased the texting & mushiness a little. But it's hurtful to see how much effort it takes just to get him to do that.
We were a very mushy couple (in private) and now he doesn't even say simple "I miss you/ I love you". Which may seem small, but it makes me feel unwanted and unloved, like he couldn't even remember to send me a simple ily text at night even after being requested. I've even told him this and though he says he understands, it doesn't last more than a few days. It's become embarrassing for me to keep asking for more attention or affection tbh.

I'm studying for the same thing as him and while I know we have less time to meet/call being so distant is still upsetting for me, whereas he says he needs it to focus more and things like saying "I miss you" literally

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