Maybe Forcing City Workers Back to the Office Wasn’t the Best Idea

What a sniveling reply.

They city is dying. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.

There's a huge vacuum of economic activity in Manhattan, mainly because its value as a center of concentration for information processing - its central value proposition after deindustrialization - is being called into question.

Let's be real. You're a computer jockey. You don't think you should have to be in Manhattan to do your job. And now you're playing this disingenuous little game where you're somehow the victim when the city government calls you back to your desk.

Fine. You're just flexing your bargaining power, as evidenced by snotty tone of your reply. It's all good.

But you're killing the city you work for, the one you're pledged to serve. That is a fundamental dereliction of duty you can't reconcile.

So I hope you get the privilege to work from the comfort of your underwear in Long Island or Jersey or Westchester or Kew Gardens or wherever. I hope you find it comfy and your grow fat and happy.

But you will have abandoned the city you work for in its hour of need. You are furthering and embracing its demise. The very least you could have done - show up to work in person - you couldn't summon the will to do.

From one former civil servant to another, that's freaking pathetic.

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