Maybe kids suck at understanding time because when parents say 5 minutes, it’s never actually 5 minutes.

My mom is terrible about time, constantly late to everything. When we were growing up, my dad set every clock in the house 30 minutes ahead just so we'd have a chance of showing up to places on time. Now that she's got a cell phone, there's no lying to her about what time it is, we've just got to lie about when stuff starts.

And what sucked was that she was consistently late, meaning she knew what time it was, what time stuff started, how long it took to get ready, and how long it took to travel to places, she just didn't care enough adjust her start time, so her end time would be correct. She was consistently 30 minutes late to everything, movies, restaurant reservations, work, dropping us off at school or wherever. It was always about 30 minutes, didn't matter how far it was, how many kids were going with her, it didn't matter. If she'd just start getting ready 30 minutes earlier, she'd always be on time. I guess she just doesn't care.

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