Mayor Lightfoot won’t rule out expanding sales tax to include professional services as way of closing city budget gap

You should hear the justifications farted out by the pensioners...

They'd rather cut benefits/pay for people currently working for the city than give up their 3% compounding interest, plus cost of living increases, for the rest of their lives.

They are still trying to keep the gravy-train going on generational theft.

Joking about eating them. The people who voted for Daley's machine for 30 years, is not delusional; its an act of preservation. Because if we let them have their way, this city would be sucked dry of anything that makes it worth living in just so we can pay for some retiree's pension who hasn't lifted a finger in 25 years.

The pension system of yesteryear was unsustainable decades ago. The unions knew it, so they put in the 'benefits' provision in the constitution. If they think they can rely on that in order to force their grandkids to have a lower quality of life, they are delusional.

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