Mayor-President’s proposed fiscal recovery budget just released…

Josh's is proposal missed all the marks for me.

No education, no housing, no broadband

I find the road construction not of high priority.. what do you all think?...

1 million dollars for a right turn lane (ambassador/kaliste saloom)

3.5 million to add a road near costco

2.7 million to add a small road for youngsville resident (cue road)

2.5 million for more parish roundabounts

1.1 million for another small road in Carencro

1/3 of a million for Fortune Road @ Chemin Metairie ?

especially the 67,000 for the Maple Grove Lane Overlay ... this is a small residential road?


wow, 12 million for downtown drainage...

1.5 million for golf?

1/2 million for design improvements Jefferson and Lee?

Does the city actually make anything from the Thomas Park tennis center? I thought that was for Acadiana Serves?


Why is there such a huge lack of education support? and housing?

smaller classroom sizes (would never happen but should)? school sports programs (especially for the poorest areas)?

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