Mbappe just signed a 3 year contract worth $633 million. If there was no salary cap in NBA what do you think highest contracts would go for?

Most of y’all are wrong. His sign on bonus was 160 million dollars and contract is (pre tax) 60 million dollar a year for 3 years. So y’all both are wrong and it’s a lot of money and he will definitely have the highest paid footballer contract, but it isn’t some billion dollar deal y’all are making it out to be. As well as some NBA players make close to 50 mil a year as well. The difference here is that he is getting a hefty sign on bonus because he ran out his contract and then re-signed. Big incentive to stay and be offered that sign on bonus that’s probably one of the main reasons he let it run out. Otherwise the scenario last year was that Real Madrid offered to buy out his contract to get his signature offering PSG 220 million euros for the transfer fee. Remember that transfer fee doesn’t include his would be new Real Madrid contract and salary that would have to be negotiated as well. But PSG declined that offer and wanted to keep him for the rest of last season and to try to negotiate him to sign a new contract at the ending of his contract this season. And then here we have the ending of this season (which he would be a free agent equivalent) Real Madrid offering pretty much the same bonus fee and net salary but he ended up staying at PSG. In his new contract he gains some image rights back for some commercial revenue (PSG in his last contract held a lot of revenue from his image rights) and as well has gained some contractual bonuses if he reaches certain targets in goals, assists, Champions league targets, and world football accolades and of course an exceptional sign on bonus.

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