McCaffrey stock rising.

RB isn't a big issue for us at the moment

Some positions I think that we need to address would be: TE, S, DE, OL.

TE: Stocker the blocker, we need someone to compliment Brate. Njoku for example is an outstanding athlete that would help Brate and Jameis out and has a consistent blocking ability for most part. Another example would be OJ Howard of course, best known for being an excellent blocker and a receiving threat.

S: Budda and Obi. Obi freakishly tall and athletic looks like a promising prospect. Budda undersized but damn can he ball hawk. Even though he has a small frame you can watch his highlights and he sure can tackle from what I saw. He tackles guys at the legs when there physical body is just too big for him to hit and wrap up at the top. But either way Obi and Budda are great picks for Tampa.

DE: Not sure who would be around at this time but some mocks are saying Taco Charlton would be available. The main reason for a DE pick would be depth. Having fresh DL and DE will cause chaos for tired and worn out OL.

OL: For the obvious reason. We need to protect our savior Jameis. Without Winston, who will lead us to the promise land?

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