McDreamZ Staff Application Format

  • 1. What is your IGN: JacobCroft.
  • 2. How long have you been playing McDreamZ: The more or less 1 month and some days.
  • 3. How old are you: I am 14 years old.
  • 4. Why do you deserve staff: I think it should be accepted as a moderator because it already had many previous experiences in Brazilian and foreign servers, and as I said above I am a Brazilian who could help on the support and Brazilian suggestions to the server so that the server might have a better development, I am a very charismatic guy and think how the server recently opened must need opinions of the server players, I think the Brazilians were a big part of raid servers and made it grow, and that server can not be otherwise, I am well mature and responsible with the things I do, I do not like to disappoint people and I love to help, in short .. I think I become a moderator why I was a very old player in raid servers, especially in the raid server and I can bring some of the Brazilian air to the server, can help the Brazilian players who will surely come to the server for fun and to give the possibility to represent Brazil in the server team, I have a strong commitment to minecraft servers and acquire responsibility for any of my attitude on the server, even if a square game and I will not gain anything from it, I care about what people feel about what she is creating meI care about people's feelings and I have a strong will, No matter the quality, but the act of precision that is running on, and everyone deserves respect even when a difference between us, despite all being equal, I want to help the server to progress in the community, build a new Brazilian community in server to help Menter the server always online.
  • 5. Why do you want staff: I think I could adapt myself to staff for being a Brazilian and know a lot of English, I am moderator of the second largest Brazilian servers currently, whose name and PandoraHG and CraftCombat, and would help in the development of server, representing the Brazilian community on the server, power over what Brazilians think they should improve on the server so that the server can expand on the issue of the Brazilian community.
  • 6. What is your Skype name: owkdqw0dk21qfdk2.1dkqwpdoaksoa4k
  • 7. What is your timezone: GMT-3
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