McKinney, Texas, and the Racial History of American Swimming Pools

I'm not an american and I am sort of tired of all the race politics that get's posted here. To my untrained eye, it does seem the US has a race issue and that many officers are racists.

That said, everything that happens the that girl seems totally reasonable. She was told at least three times to leave the area or face arrest. She was still there. She was told 5 (I think) separate times to get down on the ground face down. It's only when she ignored and resisted the officer that she got "put" down. It's only when she tried to get back up and started screaming incoherently about her mother than he held her down. At the same time ~5 other people rushed at the officer and I was not clear whether they were coming to look or planning to intervene.

Given all that, I think she got what she deserved and that the officer showed a lot of restraint. I don't know what I would have done in his place, especially when the others came rushing at me.

One thing I would comment on here: the real divide was not race but sex. All the males (men or boys? I'm not clear on either their ages or the definition in this state) were detained. The females were all allowed to go, in fact they were repeatedly told to, ignored those instructions and were then told to again. The males who were told to do things were shouted at initially and complied almost immediately and were then cuffed.

Maybe there was some specific reason to detain those particular people, who happened to be all of and only the males but that seems dubious to me.

I look at this video and I see kids being dispersed\detained by the police, I see the boys complying and being worse treated than the obnoxious, uncompliant girls. I don't see the same divide in behavior between white and black civilians.

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