McKinsey Called Our Story About Its ICE Contract False. It’s Not.

This whole situation sucks, but Propublica’s play here is more disingenuous than they care to admit. There’s a lot of wordplay where they used accusatory language in their article that McKinsey is now denying. Propublica’s response seems to be “well we never said that” when they know what they were trying to communicate. “Looked to” to me is more active language (implying they tried to, or something) than “considered”. Take McKinsey’s response for what it is, but Propublica is also being disingenuous here.

The article does not report that McKinsey recommended lowering detention standards, but rather that it considered doing so. (See the March 30, 2017, email above.) The article stated that McKinsey “looked to cut costs by lowering standards at ICE detention facilities” but later abandoned that effort because the consultants “found it difficult to attach a dollar figure to the standards themselves.”

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