[McMenamin] Anthony Davis on Coach Frank Vogel after first Laker practice: "He's a defensive coach and wants to have a defensive mindset. We're going to be a defensive team. We made sure we covered a lot of defensive schemes today."

The lakers just want to be a top defense and you’re acting like they’re committing a huge sin by saying that.

That’s where you said I said they were committing a huge sin. If you’ll look closely, you’ll see you used the words “you’re acting like they’re committing a huge sin” lmfao. Did you already forget you said that?

I’m not making a fuss. You came in here trying to argue. All I said is that it’s not newsworthy that a team is focusing on defense. I’m not talking shit. I’m not calling them a terrible team. I’m not saying anything like that. I’m just saying that it’s a pretty run of the mill thing. I’m not hating on anyone. I’m sorry that you took what I said as a personal slight against you, but I promise that’s not what I meant. Just that it’s not particularly newsworthy.

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