Me [15 M] with my Parents [57 M, 47 F] are driving me a bit over the edge with school.

This is what is bothering me though, because I know that if they thought they were making me this upset, they would feel horrible (There are many examples of this I I know my parents love my very much and would never want to intentionally make me feel bad or anything) and this is the point at where I'm struggling, so..let me try to recount things as how I see it.

So to address one point, my parents aren't looking for the bragging rights thing, they aren't that type of people...I think it has to do a lot with they and their parents were very much during the time where getting into a good university translated to the best jobs...this is no longer the case obviously. I don't think they try to make me upset, and I don't think they intentionally try to treat my brother differently (And the few times I have said "Why don't you ever bother him about work?" they got very, very upset (Sad upset) because they didn't know I felt that way.) I think what happens is they get focused on my work, as yes, i do tend to blow everything off, and as a parent I think most of us would try to give some indication to do it. Its when I'm fighting with them about it that it gets to the point that its "Video games do nothing for you, you can't tell a college recruiter that you should be accepted because you have a level 100 WoW Character"

What most stands out to me in your post, is "You are 15!" and quite honestly this is where I think things stem from, and I always think it..I sometimes think my parents forget I am 15 (not literally of course but in a figurative sense) they treat me like I am older than I am, which..everyone does actually. I do not sound, look, or talk like I am 15...but inside I really do love to play video games and just have fun.

This is where I want no misconceptions: I do not think my parents intentionally do this, as they would be devastated if they knew it affected me so much (haven't mentioned it before). I think often times they just want whats best and when I am stubborn it makes them upset, but I do believe they go about it the wrong way. I do also believe they treat me older than I am (But as I have said..everyone does, most people in my school assume I am 17 before I tell them)

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