Me [21 M] wants to take chances with unavailable [25 F]

Thanks for responding!

You bring up very good points.

If she's willing to cheat on him/drop him the second a newer, shinier model comes along, you okay with the fact that she's probably going to do the same thing to you sooner or later?

She's worth my time. So yeah, I'd take my chances. I am confident I can be good enough so that she does not feel that need. I'll deal with it if not.

I'd respect her relationship - if you're wrong, you might lose her as a friend over this one.

That's the thing. She isn't really 'a friend' - If we don't have another class in common, we will most likely stop talking (unless I of course put up a pathetic, obvious, unnecessary conversation that will be super out of place) I feel that we have been in contact enough, and now is my chance to get to know her.

You're "crazy in love" but you've only ever spoken about school and don't even know how she feels about this guy. You've had one class together. How much about this girl do you even know and how much is fantasy?

You're absolutely correct. I have no idea how she feels about this guy. And my attraction is real. There isn't any fantasy here because it's based on what I've learned so far. She's extremely beautiful, elegant in every way, soft spoken, and a bit shy. That alone makes me be interested in her. I obviously want to know her, and that is what I was planning to do (with the approval of this subreddit, of course)

I am not gonna ask her to straight up cheat on him with me, but to rather give me a chance to get to know her and take her out. While my intentions might be obvious, I am not trying to bang her night 1. I truly want to get to know her, and potentially steal her from him.

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