Me[24 M] with my wife [28 F] 4 years, flirts with other guys.

"thank you so much super cutie... :) you very kind and I miss you baby. Don't know when I'll be back but I do want to see you again with all my friends for sure. We miss you mwuahh!!"

Good god that sounds so cringy.

I don't think she's cheating on me, I know her personality and she flirts with other dudes in a sarcastic way, but that dude on facebook, I wont lie, is a good lookin dude and she has several pictures of them together on her profile. She's got more pictures of that guy, than she does of me.

Sounds like you think she's not cheating but you also think it's a possibility.

Long distance wife flirts with guys on facebook, what's your opinion?

Wait.... I must have skipped something.... let me read back....

and lives in a different country. Occasionally I visit her country, and just recently she had come to work in the US for 3 months on a workers visa. Not in the same city, but close enough to where I can take a 5 hour drive every weekend to visit her.

Woah woah woah wait what the fuck. Wife live in another country. You've found very suspicious stuff on her phone in the past. She continues to be flirty with guys.

What the hell do you want to hear, man? I'd dispense some common sense to you at the moment buy you're married to a t-woman who lives in another country who has already possibly cheated on you. What the fuck does common sense have to do with anything at this point.

Dude, my only advice is this: good luck. If I were you - and I'm not, but if I were - I'd have a sudden epiphany where I realized I've massively fucked up the game of life and I'd hit the reset button - divorce the long distance flirty possibly cheating wife - and find a nice girl that lives in the same zip code as I do and start living a life of common sense.

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