Me [26F] with my depressed boyfriend[26M] of two years, who cheated on me for months: do I break up? How do I deal?

Whew, depression and cheating! When combined you feel a little sorry and want to believe it's just the mental illness issues, not the person.

I dated a guy for 3.5 years who suffered from depression and routinely cheated on me. Had a sad story and everything, abusive stepmom, issues with bio parents, etc. I was 17 at the start of the relationship and didn't really have anyone to talk about it with, because I knew my friends and family would be like "wtf are you doing break up," I distinctly remember posting to r/relationships from a throwaway and being scared my ex would see it because he was a big redditor (same reason I'll delete this comment in a day or two). Anyways everyone told me to leave him and never look back. That was in the first year of our relationship. I didn't listen. I was only 18 but already felt like I had spent too much time in the relationship to end it.

Over the next two years he continued to cheat on me and it got to the point where when he told me he shared nudes with a coworker I just laughed because at least, thank god, he didn't cheat on me with the same woman he'd being cheating with the other times. He would tell me every six months or so he wasn't sure if he really loved me anymore, etc. Hiding texts and not telling me who he was with. I don't think he cheated in the last 6-9 months of our relationship but it was dead anyways, neither of us wanted to end it because of the sunk cost fallacy but thankfully he finally broke up with me. I was sad the end of a years-long relationship for exactly one day. Amazing that a year or so after our breakup he came back and said he was sorry his weed smoking and depression ruined our relationship. Seriously ignored the entire "cheated repeatedly" issue. Disrespectful even after the fact.

You are 26 (my age now) and I can empathize with how you're feeling. Leave your partner. You deserve better. I'm married to a seriously incredible human who has never shown me a moment of disrespect in the years we've been together. There is no excuse for cheating, do yourself a favor and leave him.

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