Me [27F] with my Maid of Honor [27 F] known each other 3 yearsish. I sent her a gift and she insulted it. Not sure how to proceed.

I think you're likeable, I could totally see myself being friends with you, I just think you seem a bit stressed right now and maybe taking things a bit too far! You have to remember while she made that comment she also did say she was excited and OMG'd it, and you should have given her some time to reply about the comment. People are allowed to have a bit of negative emotion about things and there is still the possibility that it was just a misunderstanding.

But, you also deserve to have a MOH who is excited and just as happy for you as you'd like, but honestly a MOH is a huuuuge title and it's OK to find it a bit intense/overwhelming. I really think her comments were about the title of MOH or something else and not the gift, because the gift sounded perfect.

If I were you I'd give her a call after things are all settled down and maybe chat about things like adults and communicate, almost as if this were your fiance and you guys had a fight, how you'd resolve it, you know? Just to get feelings out there, because rescinding the MOH like that sounds almost like a friendship ending comment. If you're not going forward then where does the relationship go, you know what I mean?

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