Me [28 M] with my Girlfriend [26 F] 2 Years, where she's lying to my face and telling everyone I'm abusing her

Yeah, I can post more of the story if you feel necessary. But she was in an actual abusive relationship before me where he actually would hit and rape her. So I get why she wanted to crawl out of the window because she was afraid I would hurt her.

But what caused it was she took my car without telling me and I didn't know about it until 3 hours later. She came back acting like I was upset about the car when in reality I was worried about her safety because she's still learning how to drive on top of the fact that she took the car without telling me.

And yes, I was preventing her from leaving the home because it was late at night and we live in a neighborhood where we have gun shots the next street over and she's a tiny 100 pound cute girl and our neighbors give her the "rape eyes" whenever we're out walking our dog. So it wasn't a control thing, it was so she didn't get hurt. And I told her that before she tried crawling out of the window. Her parents have even told her they don't want her out by herself in our neighborhood during the day, let alone in the pitch black of night.

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