Me [33 M] with my wife [28F] of three years, she thinks I'm addicted to "saving people" and should quit my Church or she's going to out me as an Atheist.

OP, this may be relevant: I am an atheist, my wife is not. I used to go to church with her but then felt it was dishonest to do so. I stopped going. Eventually it got out that I am an atheist. As far as I know, no one cares. Anyone I have run into still greets me warmly. Every once in a while I'll go to church and people will be happy to see me.

Since your church is a mega church, I expect reactions there would be similar to what I experience. In fact, I suggest you "come out" on your own. Tell people why you are there and what the church means to you, even as an atheist, and that you are confessing to them because someone threatened to expose you. Tell them that you want to continue to be a part of the church community. At the very least, it will be an interesting social experiment. And I think the odds are good that you will be surprised by the reaction.

As for your wife, she is probably feeling a loss of connection with you. The way that she is handling that is not the best. Regardless, that can be a very painful and depressing feeling - at least if it is anything like the feelings I went through as I transitioned to atheism while my wife remained a strong believer. I expect the situation is even more confusing for your wife since she knows you aren't even a believer. Here's the thing, you made a vow to your wife when you married her - I suggest you examine the meaning of that vow. If you are putting the needs of others before the needs of your wife to an inappropriate degree then you have an problem you need to correct. My personal opinion is that when you marry someone they should come before all other people in life, generally speaking. So, no, don't bring your wife back to church - I think that's 180 degrees from the right course. I think you should bring yourself back to your wife. Are you attentive to her needs? Do you take her out on dates? Do you give her enough of your time. I think your wife is feeling abandoned and you are blind to it.

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