me [33M] with my ex [35F] ... I'm trying to get back together with my ex after a bad breakup which was my fault, 4 years on

You betrayed her trust, that’s not easy to get over, some of us never do. I think it’s a positive sign that she has met up with you a few times, but I’d suggest giver her space and time. She sounds smart not to just get back together with you on a whim. You may have to work for this and if you decide too, be patient. She may at some point ghost you and that’s her prerogative, she doesn’t owe you anything. I don’t think you think she does but be cognizant of the fact that just because she may still have feelings for you doesn’t mean she wants you back. She may have feelings for you but emotionally moved on and not be willing to go there again. Best advice I have is do you and check in on her now and again.

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