Me [34 F] with my husband [34 M] of 5 years, got my MIL to cut my son’s [3.5] hair and I am so unhappy

This kind of false binary really bothers me. By chance, we happen to do all of those things. I like to cook, I happen to speak native level French and have taught my son, and my family comes from rural Appalachia, where we visit for a month every year, so we get a lot of nature. But I don’t think that any of those things are better or more substantive than aesthetics. Nor do I think those supposedly more substantive pursuits are more accessible to low income people. I think that a number of the social movements of the past couple of decades have shown us that fashion is in reality a powerful tool, and as fashion becomes decentralized and more affordable, we see more people and younger people engaged in that kind of self-expression. I’m not troubled by it. I also think you can speak French, cook, spends nature, and think about aesthetics.

As far as my mother-in-law goes, I mostly angry at my husband, but I’m not happy with my mother-in-law because we are close, and she knows me. I had previously told her that I didn’t want her cutting my son’s hair. If I didn’t know her very well, I would only be mad at my husband, where as currently I am mostly mad at my husband, but also surprised and unhappy that my mother-in-law didn’t call me.

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