Is it me or am I crazy to think that being given 70(63) free pulls is crazy awesome for an anniversary event.

I agree on pretty much all of this but my point was that summoning is fine in this game. The packs in this game are bad and I haven't bought anything but the limited Rank Up packs and the monthly packs.

However, This game has bigger issues than the way SG monetizes it. Farming for gear is somehow worse than Summoner's War, requiring 35+ mola to max a unit is lame, gold costs, energy is just horrible, crystals not refilling energy fully ect. I genuinely prefer the summoning in this game compared to games that are more generous. Hell, I would rather they never use rate up banners/limited banners ever. The main selling point this game for me is the ML summon rates. They are higher than any other game that has an equivalent afaik.

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