Give me an Iron-Man game where I can do stuff like this with the boys and you have my money.

I don't want to try to feed the hype or anything, but feel free to let your expectations get a bit more positive.

As someone who's interacted with Mark Darrah on Twitter and kept up since announcement. It's going to be different. They are speaking out about it because they know people are going to assume it. Fair enough, but they deserve at least some cautious hope. They've even addressed the elephant in the room EA and said there will be no systems in place like


Or feel free to come over to /r/AnthemtheGame and look over some summation posts of what we've learned. Most of the people over here are cautiously optimistic after seeing the direction Battlefront took, but with the transparency that Mark and the rest of the BioWare team have with the game so far I'm confident that whether it's your flavor or not it'll be a good game that will stand out in these times of cash for gear and loot lottery crapfests.

Long story short, stay cautious. We got in this mess of games being that way because we weren't. I just want to inform you that unless they are straight up lying to us Anthem will be nothing like what people are imagining.

As for the response of skepticism for the Destiny like content I have some answers for you from what they've told us about the loot grind and elder game (their name for end game content). There seem to be essentially dungeons/strikes you can do that will be more akin to the Night Fall strike. There's plenty more but that's the only one I can definitively speak for since I remember reading it.

With the Elder Game there will be lots of post launch content. I can't remember how far out they said they were going to start it after launch. Anyway, they have stated that they will be micro managing the world essentially on a weekly basis to at least keep the world fresh and evolving. This is through possibly moving faction borders around in the world adding fights and world bosses and such. Just to tell small stories that you and your friends on such a small scale might not ever experience the same thing. Next there will be larger content drops, that will be free. From what I gather it's not going to be huge. A few story missions each drop, a boss fight or two, and an elder game dungeon seems to be the general structure. There were some other things that were touted that I don't really remember and they're trying to keep a veil up over this stuff because it could change if people don't like it and to keep from spoiling story.

Anyway the monetization also needs to be addressed, for all intents and purposes they have spoken to a purely cosmetic system. Fancy armor skins or paint jobs. They have said no numbers are attached to these things. Only thing with stats in the game are gear, which will not be purchasable. If they keep adding stuff to this library it could be a good system. It seemed to work well for Respawn and Titanfall. They had a lot of fun cosmetics that people bought.

Anyway, I'll always recommend people don't pre order, nothing even comes with this game that's any special anyways.

Feel free to ask more or critique. I still don't think this game will be for everyone. Hell it might not even be good, but the devs aren't hiding anything but story and it looks fun as hell.

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