Is it me or are Kentucky's wins looking less and less impressive?

I am just tired of people and media painting them as invincible or the greatest thing ever.

I can't argue with your being tired. It's your view and you're entitled to it.

Ultimately, in a little over three months, we will have a definitive answer as to whether Kentucky is "invincible or the greatest thing ever." The almost hyperbolic points raised by Larry Brown and others, about how this UK team could go 45-0 or roll over lesser NBA squads do wear thin; that I understand.

But it's hard to deny that there is something unique here, a convergence of factors that have not occurred in college basketball in quite some time, if ever. Namely:

  • That eight or more players from a single college team, in a single season, could plausibly expect to be drafted in the same draft.
  • One-and-done; the NBA's rule that indirectly caused the development of Calipari's platoon system. Ten years ago, most of this talent would have went pro out of high school, so this hasn't been possible. And historically, the UCLA teams in the 1960s and the UNC teams of the 1980s lacked the depth that this UK team has, for this structural reason.
  • The possibility of a 40 win season; much of this due to a change in scheduling norms, the expansion of the NCAA tournament, and the proliferation of conference tournaments that made this symbolic milestone impossible in the past.
  • That any team would, at this point in the season, be a better than even money favorite to win the NCAA tournament.

Is this team invincible? Hell no. An Ivy League team blatantly pointed out its flaws and vulnerabilities for all to see. An extremely conservative, slow tempo variation of box-and-one and solid three-point shooting can do the trick on the right occasion.

I would take the 2012 team and even the john wall/ Patrick Patterson team that went to the elite 8 over this year's kentucky squad

Apples and oranges to compare historic teams. The competitiveness of a league varies from year-to-year. Not saying all other teams are weak, but justifying the "this time is different" hype.

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