Me (f38) and my husband (38m) he hates stocking up on food, I hate empty cupboards

My husband didnt like me stocking up on non perishables like rice, noodles, pastas and beans/lentils etc. He kept muttering about hoarding.

I just like having a wide stable of carbs to chose from when I meal plan so I can make different things each day.

He kept at it, until I responded to every silly comment with zombies. Zombie apocalypse, being prepared. I even pestered him about water containers - you know the ones with a tap. I drove him nuts, but, he stopped trying to dictate what food I stock up on. Zombies man. - In the end he let me do my thing. My kitchen, my rules.

I realise this probably wont help you, but I think its helpful to realise that alot of marrieds have various degrees of this issue. Some come from a tradition of eating out, or ordering take away. Some cook a lot, some alittle. Some dont have good eating habits and want widely different meals. In the end, I think the one making a budget, a meal plan and generally in charge of cooking should insist on the respect and quiet required to make a good run of it.

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