So me (green) and this girl (red) had been casual friends for 3 years. We 'dated' (kissed once) in year 10 for a month and then she became that girl I sat next to in chemistry. Fast forward to year 12, my gf (blue) tried befriending her but she wouldn't stop talking about me and we blocked her.

For more context (ran out of characters in the title), red and I were never close, we talked in chemistry class and that's about it. Most of what red says I have no idea about and is news to me. Ever since my girlfriend and I got together she would to talk to her about how she still liked me, regretted breaking up with me and how all her friends said that red and I would get back together to her face. It got to a point where my gf had blocked red because of how much of these kind of things she said and it was getting to her. When we graduated, red messaged me about how she still liked me and that my gf is so toxic and not worth my time so I ended up blocking her too. We moved across the country and she would still send both me but especially my gf DMs on fake accounts like this that went along the lines of 'blue is so toxic and controlling' and 'green was meant to be with me'. I decide to respond red this one time because she knew I was going back to my home town to visit even though I had only told a handful of close friends that aren't mutual.

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