Me and my step dad. Around 1979.

i’m white, from a predominantly (95%+) white city, and I didn’t know about “subtle” racism (is that a term? microaggressions maybe?) until I went to college and started hanging out with a couple black people. holy fuck it’s the weirdest thing ever, feels like the twilight zone. off hand comments, the looks people feed my friends for no reason. and obviously i’ll never truly understand cause it’s not directed at me, but it’s so noticeable once you see it the first time. to answer your question, I can’t. cause that’s exactly the thing, I don’t have to think about it. ever. thought has literally never crossed my mind. I feel bad when I see it happen but what can I do, ya know? the funny thing is, is that i’ve literally become dave chappelles “Chip” character a couple times

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