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Sami die every day from being starved to death from the Swedish government stealing their mineral profits from them and forcing them to move their towns. (was in the articles)

How does it feel to be a terrible liar?

We Jews are just extremely decent warriors, both verbally and physically, hence why after 2000 years we were able to win our nation back. One day the natives in Sweden and the "Americas" will do the same and that will be a day to rejoice.

Jews are not the only "native" in this region of the middle east. I hope you realize that Palestinians and other Arab nomads existed in the region at the same time, just as the Swedes and Saami do. The majority of the Jewish population in the region is due to immigration from Europe/North Africa in the 1950s, not anything historical.

So when you tell me the Sami are not treated as badly as the Palestinians you are correct they are treated worse. Sápmi was a nation like Israel was/is, not an occupation created by Emperor Hadrian.

No you are lying. It just be very sad to be a pathological liar whose own sources don't support your opinion.

Here are all the claims you've lied about and aren't supported by your sources:

  • That the Jewish government somehow is currently oppressing traditional clothing of the Sami. False and unsupported by your sources

  • That the Sami had no rights until 1950. Another false statement unsupported by your sources

  • And now you currently claiming that Sami are dying because of the Swedish government. Again, you are a sad sad liar. No evidence provided.

This is why there is so much hate of Israel. Because if one native culture is able to take back it's land what does that mean for the other Occupations that have invaded to steal the land from those other cultures.

Israel's aren't the "native" or only native in that land. You realize that Palestinians and Arabs existed in that place before and at the same time as the Jews, right? Are you religious mentally retarded? is this it?

No your right it wasn't until 2000 that their language was even given the same special recognition that Israel gives Arabic. Direct from the article "Written Sami was not linked to the Swedish alphabet until 1950.

Again, how does it feel to be a patheological liar and a dumb ass who can't verify his own sources? Stop goalpost moving.

Maybe you should learn to read? Because its like you don't even realize what point I was making.

You obviously can't read because you can't support your own statements or answer my one simple question:

Would you support a one state solution for palestinians and Israeli's, or are you in favor of this current apartheid arrangement?

As in maybe they should give it back to the Natives like the British/UN did in a half-ass way when they gave Israel back to the Israelis.

There is no UN mandate for this, there is no conflict between Sami and Swedish people. You are manufacturing a problem where there isn't one, while ignoring the current and very real one in Israel-Palestine. The British/UN mandate didn't give ISrael permission to steal and annex other peoples land, do you learn nothing from the holocaust?

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