Me waiting for management to say april fools and give me my hours back

The simple answer from up top is they do a lot of corner cutting to suck up to shareholders to LOOK like they turn a profit.

What happens company facing is we get a lot of white collar types who either worked in retail 30 years ago when things were different or never did real work like we have to today so they think pretty things like 'Bring it to ring it' and stuff are cute, catchy and work. But at the same time, we're robbed of PTO accrual rates, hours and we're told if we don't like it, piss off. Walmart traditionally has an 'our way or the highway' attitude and it's this pervasive behavior in the company's chain of command that gets us screwed. Until the higher ups get their heads out of their asses and try to actually help their region, market or store instead of just number crunching, then the company will never get better.

There's a reason morale sucks more than before, they're demotivated because they're told "Work hard for....well....we got nothing. Just work hard." Accident free parties? Don't happen. Holiday pay? Gone. Holiday celebrations? Barebones. The list goes on and on. Over time, it's come to feel like we're told to work simply for the pure joy of work. Meanwhile the smarter ones among us are promoted, fired or quit and do something better.

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