Me waking up and seeing people complaining about CB 2077 appropriating culture and being edgy.

I have 2 things to say to this.

  1. Nobody owns a culture. It’s preposterous to think that you get to be the judge of who is and isn’t rightfully allowed to partake in some aspect of this or that culture.

  2. I’m married to someone of a different ethnicity/culture from myself, and most of my coworkers are immigrants or first generation Americans. Never once have I heard them complain about or even hint at a concern about “cultural appropriation”. On the contrary, they are overjoyed when you show any interest in their culture and will enthusiastically share it with you.

The only people I have encountered who non-ironically complained of “cultural appropriation” are self-righteous, privileged white people woke-scolding other white people.

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