They opened up a Chick-fil-A nearby where I work. It's so surreal, like a cult. They had people camping in tents a full freaking week before it opened. I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT, their food is ok at best. The fucking Zaxby's across the street is 100 times better.

Ok you know what, I'm going to rant on CfA a bit. (I apologize that this probably breaks the "only hate yourself rule" of this sub, but CfA hates LGBT, and I hate haters, so there is my reasoning for going ahead with this rant. This'll probably end up a copypaste, but whatever) So there's the aforementioned weird cult-like behavior from die-hard customers camping in their parking lot. Food is mediocre, literally everywhere else tastes better (except for the shitty local Mexican restaurants, but I would still eat there to spite CfA). I go through drive-through of Panda Express next door, and there's a clear view of CfA's drive-through: what the fuck is up with having a line of teenagers standing in the drive through? There's one to take your order, then one to take your money, and the most asinine one is the person that stands in-between the car and the window who literally turns around all day and hands food to people. That fucking kid is making $15+ an hour to turn circles all day? How the fuck is this place still in business? Oh yeah because of all the cult-people somehow obsessed with their food/culture. You know that story about the CfA that opened up a place in a [American] football stadium? And how football games are played on Sunday? and how CfA is closed on Sunday? STUPID. When word got out that CfA was opening here, a disgusting amount of old white people were overjoyed and posting comments on Nextdoor about how happy they were to "finally get good food" here. I mean, I'm sure it's ageist & racist to point it out, but my anecdotal experience showed only that demographic being excited for that place. Also when they built the place, they made the parking lot have 2 entrances, AND THEN PERMANENTLY BLOCKED ONE OFF. So you have idiot drivers that get confused and try to turn into the driveway that has these big fricking rods sticking up, which causes their 2 braincells to freak out, and then slam their brakes in the middle of the road because they can't figure out how to drive 10 ft. further to the SECOND driveway that is open! Every time I drive to Zaxby's (across the street mind you), I ALWAYS have a bad encounter with a CfA drone in that area. I've almost got into two accidents at the same driveway because people weren't paying attention and almost drove into me because they were stuffing their face with mediocre chicken and not bothering to turn their head and look both ways before leaving. /rage

TL;DR: I don't like CfA because reasons.

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