[MEA Spoilers] A few questions for those of you who've finished the game

-saved the angara. Too many lives lost and we could always come back to destroy it. Also I couldnt kill hundreds of jaals people in front of him

-saved krogan scouts cause I didnt want to fight exalted krogan later. Also I was saving multiple people instead of one

-didn't expose sarissa. She did what she had to do and it payed off in the end. She saved captain Dun from dying on impact of the crash

-reyes. Sloane was a piece of shit the entire time to me and everybody else. She was just a thug who thought too much of herself. Beating people for not paying protections fees, seemed too gangster/mafia for me. Didnt hesitate when letting Reyes win

-I loved the end mission. It felt really grand like a legit finale. Racing through meridian while kett ships came crashing down was amazing. Every friend I've made coming back to help with the final struggle, fucking awesome. Disappointed with how abrupt the Archon was killed. I would've at least liked a final word with him before he died. Or a way to kill him myself instead of so indirectly

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