I mean… I’ll keep going, how is this different to GH?

That's exactly what she's doing bc she cannot understand that maybe she's the person who is in the wrong. She ruined this and the moment Ethan stood up to her in the podcast she quit. Just like after Ethan stood up for Hila when she disrespected her. Something else is bothering her for sure but she definitely won't say. I truly think the pregnancy announcement triggered her especially when he wanted to title the episode pregnancy announcement. She said people would think it was her that was pregnant and it bothered her because she has trouble getting pregnant. She has had a very traumatic pregnancy years ago. I don't think it justified how she acted but that's just my thoughts. Who knows though she came in with an attitude and said she wasn't feeling like herself. I truly think when she feels that way they shouldn't film and I'm sure Ethan and everyone else would understand.

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